The Financial Fitness Playbook (software included)

This workbook and FREE cash flow planning software is your step-by-step guide to financial freedom.  It covers the three Game Time Budgeting key plays and introduces the Debt Blitz method for eliminating debt.  Format:  softcover.  This workbook provides practical advice and interactive worksheets to help you:

  • Enhance your financial literacy
  • Formulate a cost savings strategy
  • Uncover the truth about commonly believed money myths
  • Analyze your specific financial situation
  • Formulate financial goals
  • Reconcile banking accounts
  • Prioritize your debt elimination
  • Allocate funds for irregular payments
  • Evaluate the allocation of your net pay
  • Determine how much cash you need in your emergency fund
  • Systematically dictate cash flow and bill paying
  • Check your monthly budgeted cash flow versus actual spend
The Financial Fitness Playbook (software included)
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